Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Convention 2011 in Review

I had a blast at convention this year! Even though I was a little unprepared for it, I found that it was one of the best in years. The classes and presentations were very good!

This was at the Garden Party on the first night. There were butterflies on the floor with numbers on them. When a certain song would play, people would pile on a number and hope to win a free stamp set. #10 was not a winner. Oh well.

This is me saving a row of seats at Main Stage. I pretty much looked like this every time. For years we have sat in the same general area and for years, we stand on the seats watching for our friends so we can wave them over. It's early. I look tired because I am.

This is me with my room mate Kris. We met online last year on either Stampin' Connection. She met up with us last year too. We hope to go to Leadership together in San Antonio in January too.

This is me with Jolene. I met her at my first Convention in 2001 and we have been to every one since.

This year, after Awards Night, they had an After Party. This is us on the couch. We were also filmed by the professionals for this shot but it didn't make it to the Highlights.

They had drinks (water and lemonade) and panache shooters? Something like that. They were yummy!

They had a dance floor too! Check out Jolene and Kris. We didn't stay very long because I wasn't feeling so well that night. Otherwise, I would have waited for the Thriller Dance. I learned that on a cruise.

I think they were playing Twist and Shout. Check out that lady to the left of Jolene! I think this was much better than the standard entertainment!

Here we are at lunch on Friday. Me, Heather, Anna, Jolene, Becky. Kris was taking the picture.

Sometimes we are able to get a larger group in front of an official sign but when we have a larger group, everyone tends to pair off and do their own thing. This year, Kris, Jolene and I hung out together. The other pairs were Anna and Heather, Becky and Teri, Jill and Felice.

These are my friends: Jolene, Becky, Teri, me, Kris, Anna, Mai-Ling and Heather. Also there but not pictured were Jill and Felice. I love that I get to see these ladies at Convention every year. The friendships are a huge part of being a demonstrator for me. I like having friends that share the same out of control interest in Stampin' Up!

This was my 10th year as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator as well as my 10th Convention. This was my milestone march across the stage.

This is the loot I got: the Bag!, the FREE Stamps!, the Make & Take envelope... we never finish., the FREE Holiday Mini's, the gifts from friends, the FREE Simply Sent Kit, the Banner and cards I purchased from Momento Mall, one of the Houses from the Village of Cuteness class and the FREE Product I got with the class (much more loot than the cost of the class), the pin and the Free Digital CD. I also got a catalog binder that I left for a downline. It wouldn't fit in my suitcase after I got everything packed.

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