Monday, April 2, 2012

I moved back!

Here's why I haven't posted lately. My stamping supplies have been boxed up pretty much the entire month of March because I moved from PA back to where I was in Provo, UT. I just got here this week and so this is what my stuff looks like right now. I did dig into the boxes to pull out the trinkets to go in that contraption there at the upper right of the picture. I just got it before I left and never took it out of the box until now. Exciting!

This room that used to hold my stamping stuff has been turned into a guest room. One of my old neighbors from PA gave me their bedroom set. My stamping supplies will share this room until I get the old garage converted the rest of the way. It could be a while but I'm shooting for June when the new Idea Book & Catalog comes out.

For those of you that purchase from me online, this shouldn't change anything so I'd love it if you'd continue to purchase from me. I hope to get a card out to you once I get these boxes unpacked and find a stamping spot.

I am excited to be back in Provo where I am close to a lot of my Stampin' Up! demonstrator friends and long time stamping friends.

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