Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm a little late posting this one but I wanted to get permission to use someone else's baby on my blog. This is Ezra. I got to hang with him and his brother Elliott and their big sister Eliza back in April while they were here for their visit to UT. Somehow I always ended up with Ezra which I had no problem with. We appreciated each other. According to Celia (supermom), everyone migrates to Elliott because he has more of a magnetic personality so it was nice to have someone pick Ezra for a change. (not exact words, my recollection of the conversation). Of course, I love them both.

This My Digital Studio page was inspired by Heather Summers.


  1. super cute kiddo. Did you make the subway word art? or where did you find it? Love the wording!
    I need to come visit you.

  2. I picked the words from their blog and the fonts and made them fit.


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