Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stamp Room Time

Tonight I finally spent some time in my new stamp room. A room that had previously been a garage type storage area and so the transition has been a little weird. I'm not used to spending time on this side of the house and so it took some mental preparation and a TV. I put a little one that only plays DVD's over where I stood to take the picture.

I am also in the process of moving my supplies from one room to the other but I want to find just the right spot. It is harder than I thought. I'll need to spend some more time in here before I decide where I want to put things on the walls.

Did you notice that I changed out the elbow table to the smaller straight one? Once I got in here I decided it wasn't going to work for me because of the direction I want to face. Now, I like that I am closer to the window if I choose), at the top of the stairs is a door where my dog hangs out (he's not allowed in here), to my right is the TV and the door and the main stamping area (so that it's not to my back). I've been in here for several hours sitting right there at that desk doing some work on the computer. It's been a good night but sorry, no stamping.


  1. I love the red accent wall :)

  2. very exciting. It is so crisp and clean. Love it.

  3. It must feel good to have all that extra space! What a cool room.


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