Monday, February 4, 2013

Beautiful Butterflies - DIY Wall Decor

The other day I was at a big box store and almost bought some hard vinyl butterflies from an end cap for $4.95. I'm not even sure how many were in there but I stopped myself and remembered that I have the Beautiful Butterflies BigZ TM Die for my Big Shot TM.

It wasn't until about 1/2 hour ago that I realized I may have the perfect solution to make my own. I am a saver of things that I may be able to use some day (within reason) and I happened to have saved the front and back covers of several appointment calendars. You know, the hard plastic cover sheets? I also happened to have a stack of black ones! I immediately started cutting and ran almost all of them through the Big Shot TM. It is a work in progress but I was excited to share my DIY. I stuck them on the wall with Stampin' Dimensionals TM. I hope I don't regret that later but I'm thinking It won't be a problem. I'll finish it up another day. I need a ladder from the shed and it's late.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love your wall color and the amazing organization! Beautiful butterflies and way to go with the recycling,


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