Friday, August 2, 2013

Undefined - Make Your Own Stamp!

What is this you ask? It is my first attempt at the new Undefined stamp. They announced them at Convention and gave us all one to try. I couldn't think of anything else under the pressure. We waited in line for a quick instruction and to use the tools. We got our turn kinda late and they were closing down so the lights kept going out. No excuses though. What I thought was a bad decision turned out to be a good one. The longer I worked on it the easier it got. Turning the rubber and not the tool is definitely the way to go. So easy once you get in the groove. I stamp this on the back of the envelopes of the cards I send out.

Here's a quick little video to show you what you get with the kit and how you use it. Do you know anyone that would just love to create their own stamp!? Check out the details on the flyer on my Be in the Know page to get started.

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