Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MDS: Birthday Tradition 42

Five years ago I decided to start doing a traditional MDS birthday page and I'm happy to still be on track with it. Some day, as I always tell myself, I'll go back and try to complete the other 37 years. Until then, forward it goes.

Lately I have really taken a liking to the flower in this Creative Elements brush set. Funny enough, I don't own or want the actual stamp set even though it is current. I hope you like my page. I created it myself complete with birth day selfie and I must say it is a million times better than the driver's license picture I had taken on Monday. Blah. 2014 Goal: Lose 42lbs. There. It's in writing and I start now.

Featured Brush Set: Creative Elements, (I'll add the rest later because I closed the program already)


  1. I really like the layout of this page! :) Great colors- and fun hair! :)


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